Amy Van Horne’s years of varied experience allow her to approach your dispute and mediation from an insightful and practical perspective. A partner in Kutak Rock’s Omaha office, her time as a litigator in the areas of personal injury, products liability, insurance coverage, and commercial litigation helps her visualize how a case will progress to verdict. Ms. Van Horne has particular experience in mediations involving sensitive issues, such as invasions of privacy, discrimination, and assault, as well as products liability litigation, personal injury, wrongful death, and insurance coverage litigation. Read her full bio here.

Ms. Van Horne is ready to assist you as mediator at Kutak Rock’s Omaha office, in Kutak Rock’s other offices across the country, and throughout the United States either in person, or via Zoom. Use her calendar to schedule a mediation.

Testimonials include:

  • "Thanks so much for your great work today. I enjoyed meeting and working with you, and appreciate your diligence in getting us to a compromise."
  • "I was convinced we were going to walk away with no deal. But I was certainly impressed with how you managed things on our side and helped us get to “yes.” You’ll be hearing from me the next time I have another difficult case headed for trial."
  • "Thank you for your excellent work yesterday.  [My client] mentioned a couple times yesterday that she could tell that she was really being “heard” by you.  That makes a big difference in my room.  I look forward to working with you again in the future.  Until then, take care."
  • "We appreciate you doing your job so well. [We] were impressed with your skill and balance.”
  • “We will always remember your excellent work to help resolve our disputes.”
  • "Thanks for everything today.  I really appreciated the way you were able to relate to my client on a personal level.  I think it made all of the difference in the world.  My client told me that she felt respected and heard.  That is the best review I have ever heard from a client at the end of a day of mediation."
  • “I also thought you did a great job mediating and getting this case settled. My clients spoke very highly of you. And, they really trusted you.”
  • “Amy did great in helping my client come off her unreasonable expectations (did a great job explaining her reasons and getting the client’s buy-in) and getting the adjuster to move to a reasonable figure for the circumstances surrounding the case.  Amy was able to get the final offer to a number that made it very difficult for my client to walk away from and ultimately accepting.  This was the first time I had ever used Amy, but I will be using her again.”
  • Amy “is an outstanding attorney, with the upmost competence and ethics. Ms. Van Horne is an outstanding mediator, who is very effective. Her experience as a teacher and trial attorney, along with her knowledge of recent jury verdicts, is what sets her apart from other mediators. I will continue to use Ms. Van Horne as a mediator and frequently provide her name to other attorneys looking for mediation services.”
  • “Ms. Van Horne recently served as the mediator in a complex personal injury case in which I represented a party defendant. Ms. Van Horne did a superb job in conducting the mediation. She prepared diligently in advance of the mediation and had a command of the detailed medical issues involved in the case. She interacted well with the participants, and she led the parties to a successful resolution at mediation.”
  • “I have mediated with Ms. Van Horne three or four times over the course of the last year. Ms. Van Horne has always presented herself in a very professional manner, has always been very well prepared for the mediation process from case to case, and has been very effective as a mediator. Ms. Van Horne is, in my opinion, as effective as many mediators much older and with longer years of legal practice behind them.”
  • “I want to compliment you again, Amy, for the work you did yesterday: creative, professional and persistent. I did not expect that case to settle.” 
  • “Thanks for your hard work yesterday. I know your job is to push and prod. You did it well. You definitely moved us out of our comfort zone (in a good way). I’m grateful for your efforts.” 
  • “Thank you!  This was my first mediation.  I appreciated your work, your temperament and your empathy towards our clients.” 
  • “Amy did a really terrific job on an emotionally charged mediation. I’m so happy to have a great woman-mediator available to us.”
  • “Thanks for all your work today.  I enjoyed working with you.  I thought you did great and I will not only call on you again, but I will recommend you to others.”
  • “I’m glad we got it resolved. You did an excellent job."